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Understanding Child Support Laws in Georgia

If you have a question about your Georgia child support rights and responsibilities, don’t rely on the advice of friends and relatives. Their past experiences may have no bearing on your current situation, especially since support laws changed in 2007.

Both Parents’ Incomes Count

The law no longer only counts the noncustodial parent’s income for determining child support levels. Instead, an income shares approach is used. Under current guidelines, the total gross incomes of both parents are considered as part of the calculations.

Expenses Count Too

Other factors are now considered in the support calculations as well. While the custodial parent used to be responsible for all child care costs, those are now divided based upon the income share of each parent. Costs like health and dental insurance premiums are also included. Even expenses for extracurricular activities like sports or music lessons come into the equation.

Solutions for Each Situation

The guidelines allow for some tailoring of support arrangements with deviations. Some are specified and some are unspecified, either awarded by a judge or agreed to between the parents.  A common situation for a deviation is when the parent paying support also shares equal custody time with the other parent.

Seek Professional Guidance

Working out equitable support arrangements that keep the best interests of all parties in mind can be difficult. Contact A. B. Olmos & Associates PC 678-683-8500 to learn more about getting help with the Georgia child support laws.
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